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2013 – My Year in Review

First of all I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of my brides and grooms of 2013!  This was my first year of business and looking back I would never have believed I’d have booked 55 weddings by the end of it, let alone be doing this full time and quitting my waitressing job!  Words can’t express how grateful I am for the many brides and grooms who put their trust in me on their wedding day, after only seeing one or two weddings in my portfolio.

I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone I’ve met in the industry.  Wedding planners, hair stylists, MUA’s, the list goes on!  For inspiring me and sharing the work we’ve created as a team.  I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the kind help of others putting my name out there, and recommending me to some of the lovely couples I’ve met.  Meeting and getting to know some of my fellow wedding photographers was also a highlight of my year, it’s nice to know the North East has a tight knit group of lovely photographers who are there for each other, I feel very lucky to be a part of the wedding industry in the North East.

This year I’ve been lucky enough to work for a leading UK magazine, a leading UK advertising company and the Guardian.  With my wedding work being featured on blogs and in a magazine!  On a more personal note, as well as all of these weddings I’ve photographed, I got to celebrate my own beautiful wedding.  Completely planned by my lovely husband, it was featured on national TV (which I still can’t believe?!).  I feel very lucky indeed.

2014 is proving to be equally as busy, I’m almost booked up already.  My bookings go into 2016, so please don’t delay if you’re recently engaged.  As you can see from the mass of photos below (and one above) from each lovely couple I’ve had the pleasure of photographing, I have A LOT of blogging to do!

I’ve learned so much, travelled the world on my honeymoon, and met so many amazing people at the weddings I’ve attended.  I’ve definitely made some new friends for life.  Here’s to 2013 and hope everyone has an amazing 2014!

Emily x


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